Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Minority Report - Frame Analysis - The Precogs' New Life

I chose this shot of the female precog, Agatha, in her cabin at the end of the movie. Here, in this scene, Agatha looks very light and serene, which is quite a change from her usually frantic disposition. Agatha is shown in a yellowish soft light from the setting sun in this frame. The fact that she’s bathed in light while the rest of the frame remains in shadow draws the viewer to her. This frame is interesting because all 3 precogs are shown, but Agatha is separate and highlighted, as she seems to be for the length of the film. The 2 boy precogs are in the background, very dimly lit. All 3 of them are reading books, which unites them in this shot. The 2 male precogs are still important, just not as important as Agatha, which is represented in this frame with the placement of the 3 precogs. The director made sure that all 3 precogs weren’t separated in this shot. I think this shows that they started out together at the beginning of the movie, and they’re still together at the end of the movie, sharing the same habitat. The lighting in this shot is significant because it shows the relationships between the 3 precogs. The 2 male precogs are lit, yet still in shadows, while Agatha is very well lit, showing her importance. The left top corner and the right bottom corner are both lit, creating a kind of symmetrical effect. It shows that all precogs are powerful and special humans, but Agatha’s lightning puts her on a different level than the other 2.
This shot is a combination of a panning shot and a long shot, because the camera moves throughout the little house while scanning each subject shortly until it moves out of the house and zooms out on the land leaving the house a little, scenic cabin in the distance. I believe that this shot was used to show the continuous movement of life. It shows this by constantly moving, slowly, showing each of the subjects as they carry on their lives. Life doesn’t stop for anything – I think that’s the idea that’s being represented in this shot. This shot also concludes the film quite well as it brings it to an end in a gradual and subtle way that leaves the viewer with a good feeling about the resolution of the film. Something that stands out to me was the talisman or charm that Agatha is holding onto while reading her book. Again, this differentiates Agatha from the other two precogs, who are only holding books. Another thing I’d like to point out about this frame is the costume choices. All 3 of the precogs have swapped out their high tech, almost supernatural suits for normal, comfy looking clothes. I think this lends itself to the resolution of the precogs and their new life as “normal” people. 


  1. Harry -

    Great comments about how Agatha and the twins are presented in terms of clothing (i.e. how they look more relaxed and human). I also like your comment, "Life doesn't stop for anything."

    Here's a suggestion: what do you think of the talisman? Any idea why she's focusing in this?

  2. Hey Yooo

    Loved all your comments! I really like how you talked about the three of them and how they're all together at the end of the film doing the same task (reading). I also really like how you wrote about how the shot zoomed out at the end and how you related that to "Life doesn't stop for anything" very wise yo. I still wonder about the charm, and why she's holding it.